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"I am so happy with Trea's genealogy research. She put together our family history which I gave to my father on his 80th birthday. The amount of detail that was identified and the amount of time that Trea invested along with her attention to detail was fantastic. All this put together made for a very informative and wonderful amount of information not only for my father on his 80th birthday, but for my family. Trea has a way of incorporating all the information into a wonderful story that's not only factual, but enjoyable. I would recommend Trea to anyone looking for information regarding their family. I am so happy with the result."--family of George P. Nicolaus

Trea did a great job interviewing my parents and then transcribing everything that was said. She had to account for the words of my mom, my dad and myself and captured our interactions wonderfully, making them easy to understand in writing. She also compiled and organized our family tree information dating back hundreds of years and provided copies of that, along with the interview transcription and CD recording of the entire interview to my entire family. Trea was very thorough and investigated the facts as completely as possible. Highly recommend Trea and Posterity's Sake!--family of Carl & Eileen (Andresen) Baumann

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